Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shahrukh Khan "Tom Cruise of Bollywood"

Kareena Kapoor has admitted that she has no desire to make it in Hollywood because it is too much work.

The Kurbaan actress also compared co-star Shah Rukh Khan to Tom Cruise, The Times of India has reported.

Speaking to the paper, she said: "I think Shah Rukh is our answer to Tom Cruise. For me he is bigger than Tom Cruise.

"And talking of Hollywood... to get a role there you have to give screen tests, park yourself there for about seven to eight months, and then maybe you'll get a two-bit role. I'd rather enjoy the best of Bollywood."

However, it was rumoured in January that the star had met with Hollywood agents.

She will next be seen in the film Bodyguard, starring opposite Salman Khan.

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